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It end up being $ 500 or it may well be more. Then the stickman must retrieve the dice, return to be able to the shooter, who shoots again once all bets are situated. The game is had fun with a Player against a Banker.

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Written by lamstoreglue (#2817)
143 days ago
Матрицы для бигования. Матрицы для вырубки, тигеля

Опт и розница

1) В1.4 X 1.0(13MM)

2) B0.4 X 1.1(13MM)

3) B0.4 X 1.2(13MM)

4) B0.4 X 1.3(13MM)

5) B0.4 X 1.4(13MM)

6) B0.3 X 1.2(13MM)

7) B0.3 X 1.0(13MM)

8) Z0.4 X 1.0(9MM)

9) Z0.4 X 1.1(9MM)

10) Z0.4 X 1.2(9MM)

11) Z0.4 X 1.3(9MM)

12) Z0.3 X 1.0(9MM)

13) Z0.3 X 1.1(9MM)

14) Z0.3 X 1.2(9MM)

15) Z0.3 X 1.3(9MM)

16) Z0.5 X 1.2(9MM)

17) Z0.5 X 1.4(9MM)

Written by Pameurok (#38)
100 days ago
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